The Secret of Escape Trilogy
A book series of adventure based on factual experiences sailing the Pacific.

The Secret of Escape,      The Journey of Escape  & The Destiny of Escape

Joyce K. Pfleger's series of novels are now available and she is appearing at book signings.  The author and her husband love captaining their sailboat and spent years sailing around the South Pacific.  Currently they live in a small community known as "Comitan" on the other side of the bay adjacent to La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS), Mexico.  The book draws accurate events and descriptions to make you feel as if you are there sailing with the main character in the high drama, romance & suspense on her sailboat Escape in the Pacific Ocean.   
Get the book and read the original - The Secret of Escape, followed by the sequels; The Journey of Escape and The Destiny of Escape



Just traveling or looking to explore Baja or travel Mexico on your own?  Then please read Joyce's article on "Making Baja Fun".  It includes tips on how to get there via airline travel, bus, what to bring, where to go, vacation tips, climate, museums, hiking, mountain biking, cave paintings, local activities & dealing with the locals.  Click HERE to go to the article.

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